Synthetic Mica

Looking for any particular fluorphlogopite based pearl? We have the most extensive lines on the market. Check out our effect pigments from silver white and interference to golden and metallic, as well as our unique color travel pearls. Particle sizes range from 15 to 1000 microns.

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Color Collections for 2016

Your options for 2016 shades: Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520), Serentity (15-3919)

2014 Color of the Year All About Blues Going Green Golden Glam Sparkled Silver


Color Variable Pearls

Coated on mica, synthetic mica, or glass flake, from 25µm to 500µm, with 3 – 4 color flop effect, with or without base color. Beautiful, fashionable and affordable.

Mica CVP Synthetic Mica CVP Glass CVP


Aluminum Based Pearls

Each of our 12 Argent color pigments give off a fabulous metallic and vivid color effect.

Aluminum Based Pearls


Technical and Formulation

Check with us for specific hydrophorbic or hydrophilic treatment as well as formulation support.


Glamour Neon Pearls

glass based, D&C or FD&C color coated pearls. Unique hue and brilliant colors.


Sachet & SynMira

With an illuminating and youthful patina, these pearls are perfect for today’s high definition makeup.


Smokey Series

The term “Smokey” is coined due to the misty and dark effect they give off, ideal for eye formulations.